Marc Dolezal


Founder & President


Born and educated in Los Angeles, Marc worked in the building maintenance business while attending college in Southern California. His studies included 4 years of Architectural drafting.  In 1975 he came to San Francisco to work for a local entertainment firm as the company’s Business Manager.   In 1982 he left that position to work for several maintenance companies including Allied Building Services, GMG and ABM.   By 1992 he was ready to start Mercury Maintenance.  With years of experience as a front line worker in the facilities management and commercial cleaning fields; added to his experience in business management, Marc knew what he wanted his company Mercury to represent.  “The Eyes & Ears” of his Customer’s properties.  He recently completed the construction of an off-grid custom home in the Fiji Islands.



Alice Lyster


Operations Manager




Mike McCarthy


Facilities Maintenance Coordinator


Recognised as a Licensed California Building Contractor, and also with 20 years of experience in interior remodelling, and other construction & maintenance project.

Edwin Keane




Started working with Mercury Maintenance as a labourer and handyman trainee. With that 5 years of experience, he can do any handyman work plus some major repairs like building an office wall or painting on an entire suite.








Victor M Hernandez




Graduated  as an Electro Mechanic Tech in Dgeti, Mexico with 30 years of electrical experience and also Industrial Mechanic such as mounting, installing, etc. Also have 9 years experience as a Handyman.
















































Kira Clarence

Business Manager


Office Administration























Nakisha Thompson

Administrative Assistant