Mercury Maintenance and Facility Support offers a diverse range of services. From fixing a leak to flood defences and security, we can offer a comprehensive and tailored solution to enable you to focus on your core business being reassured that your property requirements are in safe hands.
Facility Management
We are nuts and bolts managers with more than 20 years of experience in tenant relations. Ask us about how we can help you provide a better service to your tenants & make your job easier.


Emergency Response
All staff phones are listed on our outgoing telephone messages. You can reach us from anywhere in the world at any time day or night. There is always a manager on call at all times. If you have an emergency in your building we want to be there. If it's a flood, a fire, a roof issue or an even a tenant who's locked out, we can respond and really shine when needed.


Fire & Life Safety
We hold a certificate with the City of San Francisco as 'Fire Safety Director'. We can represent your building during Fire Dept. inspections, manage compliance issues and hold routine drills.


Interior Remodeling
Mercury is licensed to build out your tenant improvements, remove existing partitions & upgrade your existing interiors. Compare our prices, you might be surprised.


Tenant Seminars
We also present seminars on Earthquake Preparedness at no cost to the building ownership, documenting due diligence in possible post disaster insurance claims. Ask us about our seminar programs.